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The group would be known officially as OAA 83 but may be called Motown 83, The 83 Year Group or by any other name or description which adequately describes without ambiguity, the ‘association’ with membership as described below.




Membership is open to those who


  • Started classes at Achimota in the 1978/79 academic year.
  • Terminated classes or would have terminated classes in the 1982/1983
  • Took the O-Level examination in the year 1983 as a fully registered student of the school
  • Were not condemned to repeat the entire secondary education in another institution and are currently not in pursuant of O-level qualification under any guise or circumstance.






Membership is open to those who


  • Started sixth form classes at Achimota in the 1983/84 academic year.
  • Took the A-Level examination in the year 1985 as a fully registered student of the school




Membership is open to


  • Spouses or legitimate partners of full members may be admitted to this category of membership




Membership is open to friends of Achimota School and particularly, the class of 1983 who in the opinion of the ‘association’ have promoted the interest of the ‘association’.  Membership into this category would be decided by the elected officers at the time of application, nomination or proposal.


Associate, Honorary and Guest Members have the right to attend and contribute at meetings of the ‘Association’ and enjoy all the social privileges of membership.  They may be elected as Members of Committees but not as Officers.




·         President for life: Carol Annang

·         Vice President (3 positions: Sigismund Dzeble - Ghana for Africa/Middle East, David Asamoah - U.K. for Europe/Asia and Paul Acheampong - U.S.A. for the Americas/Rest or the world)

·         Executive Treasurer

·         Executive Secretary

·         Permanent Representative to the OAA Secretariat, Accra: Carol Annang


The period of occupancy for all Offices (with the exception of that for president) are not less than three years and up to a maximum of ten years. Selection of Officers for vacant Offices shall be by election or popular choice of other serving Officers.  Elections for vacant offices are held when convenient as deemed by all serving Officers and using the methodology agreeable to the same.


A full list of current officers may be found in appendix 1




The affairs and the funds of the ‘Association’ are managed and administered by the Executive Committee comprising the President for Life, the 3 Regional Vice Presidents and the Executive Treasurer.




These may exist in the Administrative regions of Ghana and overseas. Currently, recognized Regional Branches only exist in the UK and USA.


Any substantial number of 83 Year Group Akoras within a Region who wish to form a Branch Group shall apply to the Executive Committee for recognition.  If satisfied that such a Branch Group is viable, the Executive Committee shall grant recognition in writing under such terms as may be determined to be practicable to the Executive Committee.


The Secretary of each Branch of the ‘Association’ shall send to the Executive Committee at the end of each year, an annual report consisting of but not limited to the activities of his/her branch for the past year, together with an updated list of members. This report should be received by the Executive Committee not later than the end of the first quarter of the following year.







The Vice Presidents for U.K. and the U.S.A. may appoint a Regional Treasurer, Regional Secretary and a Representative to the OAA Secretariat of that region. These Regional Officers may be appointed by any of the above methods approved for the appointment of Executive Officers


Regional affairs and funds are managed and administered by the Regional Committee comprising the Vice-President (for each region respectively) and their Regional Treasurer and Regional Secretary. In Ghana, the Executive Treasurer and Executive Secretary double as Regional Treasurer and Regional Secretary respectively.




The Executive Committee has authority to appoint such committees, as they consider desirable from the membership of the Association.


There are currently no Committees in existence. The following Permanent Committees are proposed.


  • Fundraising


To develop fund-raising schemes and organize Motown 83 events. 


  • Projects


To liaise with members to ensure the successful completion of all projects and ventures undertaken by the Association within reasonable time and budget. This includes preparation, supervision and regular report updates.


  • Membership/Disciplinary Committee


To identify and maintain contact with all members, wherever they may be.


To devise programmes aimed at encouraging new membership and retain existing members.


To determine the appropriate class membership for all nominated or proposed membership admissions.


To determine and resolve all matters of discipline and disputes amongst members.




The Officers may from time to time determine and levy an amount to be paid as dues for a specified period and towards a specific contribution. Apart from during such specified periods there shall be no collection of Dues in any form, shape or value.




General meetings will be held as appropriate. The venue and timing of these meetings will be to the discretion of the Officers. All Branches are however encouraged to hold at least one get-together every year.




For matters of grave concern, at least 6 (six) members may by written request call on the Executive Committee to hold an extraordinary General Meeting, of which at least 4 (four) weeks’ notice shall be given, stating the object of the meeting.




Full members who wish to alter or add to the constitution or propose any resolution shall do so by giving 6 (six) weeks notice in writing to the Executive committee.  The notice must be supported by at least 4 other members of the ‘Association’.  Changes will only be effective if carried by at least two thirds of members present and in good standing, voting at a meeting of the ‘Association’ at which 4 weeks’ notice and adequate information on the alteration or proposal should have been given to members prior to date of voting.


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